Who We Serve

EmbodiPole is a brave space to…

✨ Fall in love with yourself through pole dance and sensual arts

A fundamental element of our approach is finding movement that feels good, regardless of what it looks like. One of our core values is connection. Through our pleasure-oriented movement practice, we allow ourselves to drop into our bodies and connect with ourselves in the present moment. When we shift our focus from the external to the internal, we take away the power from society, and decide for ourselves what is “good,” what is “right,” and what is “sexy.”

✨ Cultivate feminine embodiment

The feminine represents softness, fluidity, creativity, receptivity and flow. Feminine energy resides in our physical body. Yet, we live in a hyper-masculine hustle culture, one that not only creates an energetic imbalance within ourselves, but one that conditions us to believe that the feminine is weak. Let’s be clear : the feminine is powerful AF. The feminine is valuable. At EmbodiPole, we create space to express the feminine – to look inward to invite emotional and spiritual growth as you restore the energetic equilibrium.

✨ Embrace your Authentic Erotic

The Authentic Erotic represents our truest, highest, most divine self. To be in alignment with our Authentic Erotic, we must shift our attention from the mind to the body. Through the practice of sensual movement, breathwork, and free flow, we release energy blockages, and allow our Eros to flow freely. Our core value of curiosity guides us on this journey. We invite you to step into your full power by embracing your Authentic Erotic; show up as your whole, vulnerable and authentic self.

✨ Connect with an open-hearted community

Community is one of our core values. Both in and out of classes, we seek to create a space where our members feel comfortable expressing their Authentic Erotic selves. We encourage a judgement-free environment, where everyone can take up space and not be shamed for doing it. An integral element of our community building is circle. Circle takes place in every class, allowing each student to share their authenticity and connect with their fellow classmates.

EmbodiPole might NOT be for you if…

✖️ Your goal is to “level up”

We fully understand that a common goal is to progress to do more difficult and complex tricks on the pole. While we acknowledge this goal as valid, our classes do not operate on a levels system. In the past, many of our staff and members have expressed that they often felt pressured to “prove their worth” by constantly leveling up, sometimes at the cost of their health and safety. With our non-leveled structure, we can meet students where they’re at. Students can progress at their own rate, and explore the movement that interests them, allowing them to really feel into their bodies.

✖️ Your focus is on aesthetics

Our priority isn’t to train a generation of competition-ready dancers or “do-it-for-the-gram” influencers. We find that an aesthetics-focused approach can lead to pushing the body past its limits, and often results in us getting in our own heads, sometimes with the ultimate consequence of losing our passion for pole. At EmbodiPole, every student’s authentic energy shines as they develop their own style and embrace the “imperfections” that make their movement special. Unless it’s related to safety, stylistic cues will always remain a suggestion (i.e. perfectly straight lines and pointed toes).

✖️ You’re looking for a “good workout”

Pole is undeniably a physical discipline, and our offerings will absolutely get you moving and build strength. However, our focus is not on the fitness aspect of pole dance, and it is only rarely that our classes include “typical” workout exercices. Fitness is simply a secondary benefit to what is our priority: embodiment. Our classes are designed with the intent to use pole dance and sensual movement as a way to express ourselves and to connect with our Authentic Erotic above all.

✖️ You don’t want to slow down

A lot of the time, our attention and thoughts are racing, getting ahead of themselves, and always jumping to what’s next. Slowing down both our attention and our movement allows us to re-sensitize. When we focus on the present moment, we become more aware of our emotions, energy levels, physical sensations, and thoughts. Sometimes, this practice can bring up deep-rooted or suppressed truths that may take a lot of courage to face. If you’re not ready or interested in exploring this type of work, that’s completely fine, but our space might not be the best fit for you.

✖️ You’re looking for single drop in classes

Commitment is one of our core values. By coming to progressive series, you’re committing to your own personal growth, and we’re committing to supporting you along the way. This journey requires dedication, practice, and integration. Engaging in progressive 4-8 week series cultivates ongoing development alongside a supportive community, fostering deeper connections. These sessions involve revisiting and practicing a culmination of skills and concepts learned over the course of many classes, giving students the opportunity to dive deeper and explore them thoroughly.