Own Your Energy and become your most authentic erotic self through pole dance Ottawa and sensual movement

What is the Authentic Erotic and why is it important?

The Authentic Erotic is our Eros, our life force. It represents our truest, deepest and highest self. It is the part of us that holds our deepest desires and pleasures, as well as our most visceral wants and needs.

In our Authentic Erotic resides our divinity. Embodying the Authentic Erotic means stepping into our full power, living as our highest, most divine self. In this embodied state, our free flowing erotic energy leads us to uninhibited creativity, spontaneity, playfulness and inner freedom.

Despite the connotations surrounding “erotic,” the Authentic Erotic is not purely sexual. For some people, erotic energy and sexual energy overlap, but for others, they can be entirely separate. While sexual energy ignites our hunger for physical pleasure, erotic energy leads us to expand our consciousness, connecting with all four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and energetic.

The Authentic Erotic thrives when we are balanced in our feminine and masculine energies. However, in our hyper-masculine society, the imbalance between the masculine and the feminine, and the shame that is often imposed on feminine embodiment, can present as an obstacle to accessing the Authentic Erotic.

So how can we actually access the Authentic Erotic? The Authentic Erotic radiates outward from the hips/pelvis area. It’s no coincidence that we also tend to store a lot of our emotions in this area of the body. When we are not or cannot be fully aligned with our truest self, energy blockages form, and create tension.

Consequently, to access the Authentic Erotic, we must relax the mind and drop into the body, releasing energy blockages and allowing erotic energy to flow freely. Since it is through our bodies that we experience life, it is imperative to listen to the wisdom of our physical being and the signals it sends us.

At EmbodiPole Sensual Arts, we use sensual movement, breathwork and free flow to drop into our bodies. Through this practice, we seek to reclaim the feminine as a means of restoring balance and harmony in our lives, ultimately to be able to live fully aligned with our Authentic Erotic.