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Unleash Your Potential: The Journey to Liberation

I never thought, when I started my pole journey 15 years ago, it would transform me into the person I am today. I started pole because it looked like fun and I was up for the challenge of learning tricks with a bit of dance. I remember the excitement I felt every time I conquered a new move or when I put my new strength to use in my daily life.

Pole dance helped me overcome a lot of fear as I learned to defy gravity with each new step. Halfway through my pole journey, I started doing heels. Dancing in heels brought a whole new level of confidence to my life both in and out of the studio. It was with this newfound confidence that I finally left my toxic ex-boyfriend and started dating my now-husband. I was starting to reclaim my power and I felt like a fucking badass!

When the pandemic hit, I was forced to physically disconnect from friends, family, and my business. I also had my babies during this time (because what the hell else are you gonna do when the world shuts down?). Along with these big changes in my life, I began to feel shame around expressing myself. I felt like I walked through a portal of motherhood and the door shut behind me forever.

Going through these times of isolation, pregnancy and birth twice had a huge impact on my body and mind. I felt like I had to hide some parts of myself because I was a mom now and because it had been so long that I had an in-person connection with another human.

Finding my way back to pole after all this wasn’t easy. During lockdown, my identity shifted in an irreverisble and undeniable way, which brought new challenges into my life. When I returned to pole, I no longer cared to train like a high-level strength athlete like I was before the pandemic; I felt myself retreating more into my feminine, wanting softness, openness, flow and fluidity.

Pole has been there for me throughout these last 15 years and has supported me in this journey. Even if our relationship hasn’t always been strong, coming back to pole allowed me to come back to myself, to my sensuality, to my aliveness, to my power, to my full liberation. When I touch that piece of chrome, it brings me into a state of feeling grounded, energized and feminine. I can feel myself now becoming the woman I was always meant to be and leading with my heart.