Ottawa Pole Fitness Dance Classes Beginner

Stop waiting on your friend to start classes. Let me tell you my story.

I started pole in 2009. Initially, it was my friend who found a newspaper ad about pole dance class. She showed me and we got really excited about the idea of doing it together. I started looking for studios in the area but our schedules never seemed to match up even though we were roommates at the time. I waited months before deciding to go alone because I was tired of waiting and wanted to try it. I was nervous and scared but I did it anyway.

If I had gone with my friend, I wouldn’t have focused on my own experience. My attention and energy might have been divided, focusing on their reactions and needs rather than my own. Going alone allowed me to engage with others in the class, nurturing new connections and building a supportive community. If I had been accompanied by a friend, this chance to form meaningful relationships might not have unfolded. We would have been more focused on each other. This also offered valuable “me-time,” enabling me to discover my strengths, vulnerabilities, and embrace the transformative journey. This personal space played a crucial role in my self-discovery and growth, shaping my pole dancing experience and becoming my most authentic erotic self.

Now, 15 years later, I’m paying it forward to the community, sharing the incredible impact this experience had on me. The incredible results of commitment, dedication, and practice never cease to amaze.

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