Owning My Energy– REBRANDING!

I have a big announcement to share! As we wrap up this 2023, our theme this month is Own Your Energy. We bring in all the themes from the year and tie it together in a nice bow tie and hang it on the Christmas tree. We started having themes in March so here’s a recap:

March Wild & Free When we treat our sensuality as something wild and free, we learn to approach our desires with curiosity instead of judgment.
April Seven Deadly Sins The societal expectations and constraints placed on us unravel the toll of conforming to traditional virtues.
May Indulge Your Senses Each sense offers a different avenue to rich and meaningful experiences.
June Curiously Ignited The depths of untapped potential within ourselves ignites constant growth, exploration, and understanding.
July Playfully Provocative It is about embracing your unique beauty and radiating confidence.
August Conscious Desire Arising from the core of our being and guiding us towards meaningful connections and self-fulfillment.
September Make Some Noise It’s time for us to recognize our worth and make our voices heard.
October Shadows Unveiled Integrate your “shadow,” which may consist of repressed emotions, unresolved traumas, and aspects of yourself that you may not want to acknowledge.
November Erotic Freedom Encompasses the idea of being sexually liberated, of understanding that sex is not merely a biological function for reproduction. It’s a fundamental part of the human experience.

December Own Your Energy

14 years into my pole journey and 7 years into business brought me into a new direction through embodying my erotic energy, and hence the big news, Iron X Fitness is changing its name to EmbodiPole!

Iron X Fitness began as a reflection of my former self– a trickster in love with the Iron X move. I strived to become the strongest version of myself.

My journey has evolved since then. As time grew on, I started to realize I wanted more from pole than just doing high level tricks. Being in that mode of always wanting to achieve more, more, and more wasn’t as fulfilling as I’d hoped and came from a place of never feeling good enough. Embracing self-acceptance, I appreciate slowing down, connecting with my erotic energy, and the present moment through pole and sensual arts. This transformation is my vision for the studio. With this big change, I am following my intuition and owning my energy.

Owning your energy means having control over your emotions, thoughts, and actions; taking ownership of how you express yourself. It is having an awareness of the power within. It means embracing, understanding, and learning from every experience. Using pole and sensual arts as a tool to help you transform into your most authentic erotic self.

Own Your Energy,