Sensual Synergy 

Have you been feeling disconnected from your body? Do you feel called to reclaim your sensuality and feminine energy? Are you ready to show up as your fully-embodied self in all aspects of our life?

Sensual Synergy is your starting point to living in your full authenticity and power. Sensual Synergy: Pole Starter Experience is a 4-week introductory series to the world of embodied pole dance. Everyone is welcome! No previous athletic or artistic experience is required.

Through the art of pole dance, and through an exploration of breath, body awareness and sensual movement, we connect with our truest selves.In this series, we introduce the Authentic Erotic and fundamental pole skills and techniques incorporating them with breathwork, free dance, and sensory exploration that will allow you to expand your movement vocabulary and to build a strong foundation from which you can progress safely. We use the pole as a tool to find movement that feels good, tuning into our bodies and its needs. Allow the pole to guide you and immerse yourself in a fully embodied experience to channel your Eros: your life force energy

Our bodies know best. When we listen and when we drop into our bodies, we can access its wisdom. This wisdom allows us to creatively and authentically express ourselves, to create and maintain healthy boundaries, to exercise discernment, to trust our intuition, and to nurture our autonomy.

In Sensual Synergy, learn how to step into your full potential both in and out of the studio. 

Embrace your Authentic Erotic.
Own your energy.

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Hear What Members Are Saying


EmbodiPole Sensual Arts is super welcoming, inclusive, and upbeat. For the first time in a very long time, I felt more in tune with my body and my emotions, as I left my first class. I also could not have asked for a better instructor than Andreana—she is so uplifting and energetic!” –Jennie

After going through a hard time in my life and losing a loved one, I found strength in myself again through pole dancing at EmbodiPole. I gained a whole new level of confidence, energy in my body and discovered my inner power. Coaches are very supportive and keep me accountable for my goals. Even though my schedule is very busy, I always find time to come to pole class.-Nithiya

 “I’ve been a member since November 2020. EmbodiPole has provided the opportunity for me to rethink about my relationship to my body. Last year, I had a baby and it has been very challenging for me in many different ways, especially the way I see myself as my body has changed after pregnancy and delivery. I really needed a boost of confidence so I came back to pole. I now have the confidence to look myself in the mirror again and be confident in my movements and allow myself to be in this creative space. Since joining pole and after having my baby, my relationship to my body is still complicated but I feel that I’m on my journey to healing.” –Nina

Frequently Asked Questions

85 Plymouth Street, unit B001 – Across the street from Drummond’s Gas on Bronson St. We are in the same building as RE/MAX.

  • Series cancellations must be done online, on the app (Achieve by WellnessLiving), or by phone a minimum of 24 (twenty-four) hours prior to the start of the series.
  • Once registered into a series, if a student cannot attend a class, the student can contact us to let us know. It will count as if the student was present. The student must not remove themselves from any individual classes.
  • In the case that a participant cannot attend the series due to a medical emergency, a refund or studio credit will be issued. A Doctor’s note may be required. 
  • There are no refunds for any series. 

Since our classes are series (meaning 4 or 8 week sessions), we cannot offer drop-in classes. It’s best to try 4 classes so you can get the full experience and learn.

Since we are series-based, we review everything from the previous class so if you end up missing a class, you can always practice the moves during open pole. We cannot offer make-up classes.

  • For Pole Starter: Sensual Synergy, we recommend an outfit that makes you feel good and a water bottle. No shoes needed; you will be barefoot. 
  • For our After Dark Series, heels and knee pads are recommended. If you do not own knee pads, we have some for rent. We offer discounts on heels for members.

No! You build strength as you go. We start with the very basics by learning transitions and spins and gradually learn how to climb and invert on the pole. 

Yes! All of our coaching staff are certified under Pole Teacher Training and some carry more specialty certifications (like Pre/Postnatal Pole Specialist, Personal Training, Registered Yoga Teacher, etc.). 

Absolutely NOT! Our poles are permanent and are rated for 1000lbs. People of all shapes, sizes, abilities, ages and genders are welcome.

For Pole classes, we have 8 poles so everyone has their own pole. For floor classes, we limit the capacity to 10 students. 

Yes! Our staff are certified to teach Pre/Postnatal Pole and can modify any moves if needed.