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I was scared to try heels but here’s how they changed my life

My first ever pole performance was in heels but it took me a while to build up to that. For a long time, I didn’t embrace my feminine side because it didn’t feel safe. When I started pole dancing, I loved that it was sexy and seductive, but I lacked the confidence and self-esteem to believe I was sexy.

Even though I had started burlesque dancing at around the same time, I felt scared to try heels because I saw myself as still very awkward and dorky. I bought my first pair of heels a few months into my pole journey when I saw some that had a gun as the heel. This gave me an idea for a James Bond themed pole performance. I hardly wore heels except for special occasions, even though I own several pairs. They just sit on my shoe rack collecting dust, hah.

When I first tried on my new pole heels, it felt different than putting on “regular” heels. It gave me this new feeling of confidence. They made me feel like a sǝxy femme fatale James Bond villain, which is what I was going to portray in my routine. I loved how elongated my legs looked. They felt super comfortable and stable. It took some practice to walk and dance in heels, but it felt attainable and I wanted to keep practicing.

By pole dancing in heels, I found the safety and confidence within me to express myself in my sensual, empowered feminine and to reclaim my sexuality, love my body, and live as my Authentic Erotic.

I want to honour that without strippers and SWers, pole dancing as we know it today wouldn’t even exist. Ultimately, dancing in heels fully transformed me, and gave me the courage to live and express myself authentically.

Want to start your heels journey?

Our Heel Tech series is for pole dancers who just bought their first pair of heels and want learn to walk and dance with power and confidence with a focus on technique, fluidity and flow.

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