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Embodied Expression

You are the creator of your reality, with the power to determine your destiny and pave your path in life. Deep down, your Authentic Erotic knows exactly who you are and never fails you. Let it guide you as you create a reality where you can fully express yourself without shame, guilt, fear, or anything else holding you back.

This month, our theme is Embodied Expression. Explore self-expression in its deepest form, dive into what it means and feels like for you, and learn to fully embody every aspect of your Authentic Erotic. As you begin this journey of Embodied Expression, start to pay closer attention to the following elements:

Language: Your voice is powerful and an energetic force that shapes your reality. How you express yourself sends ripples of energy into the universe. Constantly gossiping, bitching, venting, and speaking negatively makes you see only the shadows in life and can harm your well-being and relationships. It’s not an easy cycle to break but a first step to take is to notice how you express yourself with others. Saying things like “I’m such an idiot” doesn’t help you align with your Authentic Erotic. Instead, it reinforces negative self-perceptions and blocks your true potential. Speak to yourself with compassion and respect. Reframe self-criticism with affirmations like, “I am learning and growing.” Remember, your words have power. Use them to uplift yourself and stay connected to your true, authentic essence.

Creativity: Your creative endeavours, especially pole dancing, are a reflection of your Authentic Erotic, igniting a powerful source of liberated erotic energy within us. Pole dancing, in particular, offers a unique fusion of physical movement, artistic expression, and spiritual connection, serving as a powerful tool for self-expression.

Spiritual: Depending on your beliefs, practices, and experiences. It may involve prayer, meditation, ritual, or connecting with nature. Connect with deeper emotions and insights. Ultimately, spiritual expression is deeply personal and unique to each individual, serving as a means of connecting with the divine, feeling grounded and exploring the mysteries of existence.

Embodying the Authentic Erotic will not only transform your life on a personal level, but will also bring positive change into your life from the outside. Your authenticity will draw and magnetize the right people towards you – the people who celebrate you for all you are, the people who resonate with you spiritually, the people who will support you fully, the people who want to know every part of you, even the unpalatable ones.

Reflect on this:

  • What is a way you’d like to express yourself, but feel shame about?
  • What prevents you from expressing your Authentic Erotic?

Join us this month in this journey of Embodied Expression. Explore your Authentic Erotic at Ritual on Friday June 7th, and let your creativity and intuition shine in the variety of workshops coming to EmbodiPole this month. You don’t want to miss them!

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Gratitude, Not Apologies: State your boundaries with “Thank You”, not “Sorry”

Expressing gratitude instead of constantly apologizing conveys confidence and authority. I’ve been playing around with this in the last couple months and noticed a shift in my body where I felt more comfortable, confident and powerful.

We’re not saying to never apologize, but only apologize when it is necessary and appropriate. Overusing “sorry” can inadvertently undermine your perceived confidence. Saying “thank you” instead of “sorry” shifts the focus from a perceived wrongdoing to a positive acknowledgment or appreciation.

Instead of apologizing for not being available or taking on too much, express gratitude for the understanding of your limits. For instance, say, “Thank you for understanding that I need some time for self-care right now” or “Thank you for respecting my boundaries.”

Rather than apologizing for prioritizing your needs, express thanks for others’ understanding. For example, say, “Thank you for supporting me in taking time for myself” or “Thank you for respecting my need to prioritize my well-being.”

When establishing expectations or communicating limitations, replace apologies with appreciation. Instead of saying sorry for potential disappointment, say, “Thank you for your understanding in advance”

Transform apologies for self-care into gratitude for support. Say, “Thank you for supporting my journey to prioritize self-care” or “Thank you for respecting the boundaries that contribute to my well-being.”

Foster open communication by thanking others for sharing their feelings and concerns. “Thank you for being honest about your feelings” or “Thank you for trusting me with your thoughts.”

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Love Your Limits

In our society, we are often told to push ourselves, to work harder, to avoid conflict, and to be polite at all costs. Usually, this comes at the expense of our own wellbeing.

I grew up in the world of competitive gymnastics. My body deeply remembers the fear, the pain and the mental distress of that environment. I remember being told to do another one, and another one, and another one. To push through the pain. To stretch deeper. To suck it up. All for the sake of becoming “the best.”

In that environment, I was constantly pushed past my limits – physical, mental and emotional limits alike. I was conditioned to do so. But this constant disrespect of my limits only drove me to resent the thing I once loved. I loved gymnastics so much, but I hated the suffering I endured. It was a harmful and destructive environment, and in order to protect myself, I had to take the difficult but courageous step to leave it.

Ultimately, there lies the importance of loving our limits: loving our limits allows us to keep the things, activities and people that we care about in our lives without resentment.

Our limits are there to protect us, at the end of the day. When we are able to identify our limits, we can set boundaries around them.

What is a boundary? A boundary is like a fence we build that separates the acceptable from the unacceptable. Your boundaries are your responsibility, meaning that they are not rules you can impose and enforce.

Imagine yourself as a house. Your boundary is your fence. Good neighbours will see your fence and stay off your property. But, if they really wanted to, they could easily climb over it. The fence itself cannot control your neighbours’ actions.

Whether it is with others, with your environment, or with yourself, setting clear boundaries is an essential step to building, deepening, and maintaining your relationships. Ultimately, setting boundaries is a sign of trust – I trust you enough to tell you where my limits are, and I trust you will respect them.

Boundaries can take many forms. They can be used to protect us physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. Here are some examples:

Physical boundary: You ask that someone knock before entering your room.

Emotional boundary: You communicate to your partner that yelling during an argument hurts you, and that you will not accept it.

Mental boundary: You refuse to engage in gossip or negative talk about others.

Energetic boundary: You limit your time spent with someone who drains your energy and makes you feel exhausted.

This February, advocate for your needs by not just identifying your limits, but respecting them. Set boundaries that will encourage the positive growth of your physical, emotional, mental and energetic wellbeing, and that will bring you closer to those you care about. Remember that your limits are part of who you are; to love your limits is to love yourself.

Own your energy,


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Embody your desires- what does that look like?

Have you ever wished for something more meaningful in your life, work, or relationships? What do you want, and how would it feel if you already had it? These questions can lead you on a journey to learn more about yourself and make positive changes in your life.

✨ In this journey, we recognize that desires go beyond just what you can see. It’s about using them to help your mind, emotions, and spirit grow. Whether you’re aiming for a loving relationship, abundance, or success, embodying your desires can make a big difference.

✨ Imagine the happiness of reaching your goals, like getting new clients or having a successful event. Close your eyes and feel that joy in your body. This experience is a crucial part of our transformative approach.

✨ One powerful method we suggest is visualization. Picture yourself already living your dream. Feel thankful as you help others, and see the positive impact down to every last detail. Visualization helps you connect your desires with your present self.

✨ Ranting and venting are ways to let out any internal barriers. By facing and dealing with fears and doubts, you take back control and let your true self shine.

✨ Journaling is a safe space to explore your thoughts. By writing down your feelings, you can challenge anything holding you back. This practice helps clear away negativity and creates room for a more positive mindset.

✨ Embracing desires isn’t just about achieving things on the outside; it’s about being true to yourself. This journey encourages you to connect with your inner desires and bring them to life through intentional practices.

So, what do you desire? Close your eyes, feel it in your body, and start your journey of self-discovery and embracing your true Authentic Erotic self 💜

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Stop waiting on your friend to start classes. Let me tell you my story.

I started pole in 2009. Initially, it was my friend who found a newspaper ad about pole dance class. She showed me and we got really excited about the idea of doing it together. I started looking for studios in the area but our schedules never seemed to match up even though we were roommates at the time. I waited months before deciding to go alone because I was tired of waiting and wanted to try it. I was nervous and scared but I did it anyway.

If I had gone with my friend, I wouldn’t have focused on my own experience. My attention and energy might have been divided, focusing on their reactions and needs rather than my own. Going alone allowed me to engage with others in the class, nurturing new connections and building a supportive community. If I had been accompanied by a friend, this chance to form meaningful relationships might not have unfolded. We would have been more focused on each other. This also offered valuable “me-time,” enabling me to discover my strengths, vulnerabilities, and embrace the transformative journey. This personal space played a crucial role in my self-discovery and growth, shaping my pole dancing experience and becoming my most authentic erotic self.

Now, 15 years later, I’m paying it forward to the community, sharing the incredible impact this experience had on me. The incredible results of commitment, dedication, and practice never cease to amaze.

🔥Want to become your most authentic erotic self through pole dance and sensual movement? Join our priority waitlist for Sensual Synergy 4 Week Pole Starter Experience to get started.

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5 steps to fulfill your desires

Uncovering our truest and deepest desires is an important step towards living as our Authentic Erotic selves. Here are 5 steps you can take to fulfill your desires :

💜 1. List your goals and ask yourself why you have these goals.

Our desires tend to live in the “why” behind our goals and resolutions. Looking beyond the superficial and into the reasoning will help you identify your true desires.

💜 2. Identify the barriers that are preventing you from fulfilling your desires.

Examine the elements of your current life that are holding you back or slowing you down. Look both in others and in yourself. Look in the bad and in the good. Being aware of these barriers will help you decide how to move forward.

💜 3. Evaluate the changes you need to make to eliminate those barriers.

Determine a plan of action that will remove the barriers from your life, and allow you to pursue your desires. Create a list of small, easy changes that you can make without taking too much energy or effort, and name at least one big, scary change.

💜 4. Determine a timeframe.

Set due dates and milestones for the changes you want to make, and determine a re-evaluation date. The re-evaluation date will mark the end of the timeframe, and will serve as a moment for you to reflect once again on your desires. As we evolve, our desires will as well. It is therefore important that the process of fulfilling our desires be dynamic and account for change.

💜 5. Trust your intuition and implement changes.

Now that you have named the actions you need to take and determined the timeframe of these actions, start implementing them! Remember that change is scary, but it is also a key part of our lives. Trust the changes you want and need to make to live as your Authentic Erotic self ✨

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Our Conscious Desires

Conscious Desireconscious. To understand our desires, and not the masks they wear, and to know why we have them, is to be empowered. Do you want more affection, or do you just want the feeling of security? Do you want a snack, or do you just want the dopamine hit? Do you really want to go out to that party, or are you just lonely? Conscious desire is the pulsating heartbeat of our most authentic selves, fueling the flames of passion and self-awareness. It is the profound awareness and acknowledgment of our deepest longings, rooted in the realms of pleasure, embodiment, and self-growth. Unlike fleeting whims, conscious desire arises from the core of our being, guiding us towards meaningful connections and self-fulfillment. It is the unwavering compass on our journey of self-discovery, encouraging us to meet our own needs with love and acceptance. Through conscious desire, we unlock the doors to our sensual awakening, savoring the richness of every sensation and embracing the intricacies of our emotional landscape. Embracing our conscious desires is an act of empowerment, a declaration of self-love, and a stepping stone towards embracing the fullness of our existence.

Consciously expressing your desire is also a process. Often, we don’t see how our desires come out in our decisions, our actions, our day-to-day life… The reasoning is roundabout and subtle. A small choice that might seem trivial could be tied to a big desire or fear we have at our core.

There are times when we desire things that aren’t good for us. We need to find the desire under the desire– dig deep and discover what it is we really want, instead of what we think we want.

Desires- like all drives and emotions- are inherently neutral. They have no moral value. It’s how we choose to express them, and how much work we put into understanding them, that matters.

What do you desire most? What masks do your desires wear? Where are those desires coming from? Is it from a fear of lacking something you need, or a craving for more? What is enough? What is not enough? What are you able to fulfill for yourself, and what do you need help from your community fulfilling?

What happens when we take time to deliberately feed our desires? What happens when we spend intentional time sitting with them, bathing in them, exploring them? When do we choose to give into them? When do we choose not to? Are our desires causing us to act in ways that are harmful to others? Are they causing us to act in ways that are harmful to ourselves? All desires are valid, but not every way of pursuing those desires is heathy.

There are countless ways to experience mindful desire. From the first sparks of discovery, to naming them, to expressing them, knowledge is power.

Take the time to express your desires and their motivations in your movement or dance practice. Fast, sharp movements imply urgency, power, and aggression, where slower, reaching movements suggest longing, aching, and emotion. Do you find yourself reaching above yourself or below? Are you reaching out into the space, or pulling in towards yourself?

Own Your Energy.

Within each of us lies a profound force that can shape the course of our lives – conscious desire. This innate ability to envision our deepest aspirations, and manifest them into reality, holds the key to unlocking a world of infinite possibilities.

Discover the art of setting clear intentions, aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions, and embracing the boundless energy that arises when your desires are rooted in mindfulness. Learn to overcome self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and past traumas that may have hindered your progress in the past. Cultivate unwavering faith in your ability to create a life of purpose and abundance.

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Curiously Ignited

Hey there! You might know me as Karolyne, but at Iron X Fitness, I wear many hats – from being a studio owner and pole coach to a performance artist and mom. As a female force of nature in our little pole community, I’ve come across a concept that has recently captivated my attention: being “curiously ignited.”

Being curiously ignited is about delving into the depths of untapped potential within ourselves. It’s a mindset that encourages constant growth, exploration, and understanding. Curiosity acts as the ignition switch, lighting up the path of lifelong learning and driving us to seek knowledge, challenge assumptions, and embrace new ideas.

When I first discovered pole dancing, my curiosity was sparked. The fusion of strength and grace, the captivating moves, and the incredible potential for self-expression ignited a flame within me. It was a world entirely different from my everyday life, and I was enraptured. This curiosity propelled me to learn more, practice tirelessly, and eventually start my own studio. The passion within me still burns brightly, and I witness that same flame in the eyes of my students every day. It ignites when they conquer a fear, hit a move they’ve been working on, or allow the music to move them.

Being curiously ignited goes beyond societal norms and challenges us to question, explore, and challenge the world around us. It encourages us to never settle for less and continuously push for growth. It’s about embracing our passions, stepping out of our comfort zones, and celebrating the beauty of continuous exploration in all aspects of our lives.

As a mom, my deepest desire is to pass on this spark to my children. I want them to understand that life is a realm of wonders waiting to be discovered. Just like pole dancing, it’s filled with trials, errors, pain, moments of discouragement, and moments of triumphant joy.

So, my invitation to you is this: whether it’s on the pole, in the studio, at home, or in your personal journey, stay curiously ignited. Embrace your passions, step out of your comfort zone, and unapologetically explore your authentic self. Challenge societal norms, seek knowledge, and let the fire of curiosity guide you towards self-discovery and growth.

Let the concept of being curiously ignited inspire you to embark on your own journey of passion and unfiltered exploration. Celebrate the joy of continuous discovery, question assumptions, and ignite the flame of curiosity within you.

Yours in passion and purpose,

Coach Kerosene XOXO

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