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I was scared to try heels but here’s how they changed my life

My first ever pole performance was in heels but it took me a while to build up to that. For a long time, I didn’t embrace my feminine side because it didn’t feel safe. When I started pole dancing, I loved that it was sexy and seductive, but I lacked the confidence and self-esteem to believe I was sexy.

Even though I had started burlesque dancing at around the same time, I felt scared to try heels because I saw myself as still very awkward and dorky. I bought my first pair of heels a few months into my pole journey when I saw some that had a gun as the heel. This gave me an idea for a James Bond themed pole performance. I hardly wore heels except for special occasions, even though I own several pairs. They just sit on my shoe rack collecting dust, hah.

When I first tried on my new pole heels, it felt different than putting on “regular” heels. It gave me this new feeling of confidence. They made me feel like a sǝxy femme fatale James Bond villain, which is what I was going to portray in my routine. I loved how elongated my legs looked. They felt super comfortable and stable. It took some practice to walk and dance in heels, but it felt attainable and I wanted to keep practicing.

By pole dancing in heels, I found the safety and confidence within me to express myself in my sensual, empowered feminine and to reclaim my sexuality, love my body, and live as my Authentic Erotic.

I want to honour that without strippers and SWers, pole dancing as we know it today wouldn’t even exist. Ultimately, dancing in heels fully transformed me, and gave me the courage to live and express myself authentically.

Want to start your heels journey?

Our Heel Tech series is for pole dancers who just bought their first pair of heels and want learn to walk and dance with power and confidence with a focus on technique, fluidity and flow.

Own Your Energy,


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Conscious Connection

Life is moving way too fast for us. We find ourselves increasingly dysregulated. Over the years, we have accepted new technology that promised us convenience. But its real effect has been disconnection. Information is now available to us at all times; our bosses and coworkers are able to easily contact us outside of the workplace and working hours; social media is oversaturated with stimuli to keep us looking at our screens… It has become more and more of a struggle to actually experience in-person human connection.

This is hardly the fault of the individual – us, the people. The capitalist society and those who profit from it are knowingly isolating us and fuelling our addictions to get us buying more products, or to trick us into doing more work. We might not be responsible for this, but we are the ones suffering from it. We are constantly in “go-mode,” and that has unfortunately become the norm.

Just because this is the norm doesn’t mean we have to accept it. We can instead recognize this fast-paced life and actively choose to defy it. We are ultimately responsible for shaping our own reality, and we can choose to create a reality that is grounded, rooted in what we actually need as humans, not as means of production.

As humans, we yearn for genuine connections yet often settle for instant gratification and numbing distractions because life is simply too demanding, moving too fast, and most of us just want to catch a break. Our energy sources are often left depleted, making it much more challenging to actually put in the effort to form and maintain genuine connections, with others and with ourselves.

This May, our theme is Conscious Connections. We’re diving deeper into our connections with others and with ourselves, exploring different elements such as autonomy, consent, boundaries, presence and intention.

What comes to mind when we think of connection? What about when we feel connection? What does it mean to create connections?

Our connection with ourselves is ultimately the most important. You must nuture yourself first before tending to others. To be connected with yourself means being in touch with your body. What does your body want? What feels good in your body? What are you experiencing through your senses? When we connect with our bodies, we access information and wisdom that we can’t process through the mind – feelings, impulses, and sensations that words can’t describe. We can explore our darkest shadows, our deepest desires, and our most visceral wants and needs. When we integrate these aspects into our whole selves, we can embrace our Authentic Erotic: our highest self.

Although self-connection should be prioritized, connection with others is essential to our health. As humans – as a species -, we need community. We need connection with others. Human touch is a fundamental and primal need in order to feel connected. Yet we are a touch-starved society, especially now after the pandemic. And our society would have us believe that physical closeness and touch must be reserved for romantic and/or sexual partners. This is BS. Touch is only sexual when we make it sexual. Embrace the power of non-sexual touch in your connections with others, and feel the supportive and regulating effects it brings.

Creating and maintaining connections takes time and effort. So make time for them. Make time for yourself – make time to experience things in your body. Make time for others, and be present with them. Put in the work. Turn off the screens. Mute all distractions. Truly focus on the present moment and your present company.

Join us on May 10th for our monthly Ritual, where we will be integrating non-sexual supportive touch in our Conscious Connections and community building. We welcome you to further deepen your understanding of consent in the Intro to Wheel of Consent workshop on May 11th with Sarah Anne. We hope to see you there!

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Who We Serve

EmbodiPole is a brave space to…

✨ Fall in love with yourself through pole dance and sensual arts

A fundamental element of our approach is finding movement that feels good, regardless of what it looks like. One of our core values is connection. Through our pleasure-oriented movement practice, we allow ourselves to drop into our bodies and connect with ourselves in the present moment. When we shift our focus from the external to the internal, we take away the power from society, and decide for ourselves what is “good,” what is “right,” and what is “sexy.”

✨ Cultivate feminine embodiment

The feminine represents softness, fluidity, creativity, receptivity and flow. Feminine energy resides in our physical body. Yet, we live in a hyper-masculine hustle culture, one that not only creates an energetic imbalance within ourselves, but one that conditions us to believe that the feminine is weak. Let’s be clear : the feminine is powerful AF. The feminine is valuable. At EmbodiPole, we create space to express the feminine – to look inward to invite emotional and spiritual growth as you restore the energetic equilibrium.

✨ Embrace your Authentic Erotic

The Authentic Erotic represents our truest, highest, most divine self. To be in alignment with our Authentic Erotic, we must shift our attention from the mind to the body. Through the practice of sensual movement, breathwork, and free flow, we release energy blockages, and allow our Eros to flow freely. Our core value of curiosity guides us on this journey. We invite you to step into your full power by embracing your Authentic Erotic; show up as your whole, vulnerable and authentic self.

✨ Connect with an open-hearted community

Community is one of our core values. Both in and out of classes, we seek to create a space where our members feel comfortable expressing their Authentic Erotic selves. We encourage a judgement-free environment, where everyone can take up space and not be shamed for doing it. An integral element of our community building is circle. Circle takes place in every class, allowing each student to share their authenticity and connect with their fellow classmates.

EmbodiPole might NOT be for you if…

✖️ Your goal is to “level up”

We fully understand that a common goal is to progress to do more difficult and complex tricks on the pole. While we acknowledge this goal as valid, our classes do not operate on a levels system. In the past, many of our staff and members have expressed that they often felt pressured to “prove their worth” by constantly leveling up, sometimes at the cost of their health and safety. With our non-leveled structure, we can meet students where they’re at. Students can progress at their own rate, and explore the movement that interests them, allowing them to really feel into their bodies.

✖️ Your focus is on aesthetics

Our priority isn’t to train a generation of competition-ready dancers or “do-it-for-the-gram” influencers. We find that an aesthetics-focused approach can lead to pushing the body past its limits, and often results in us getting in our own heads, sometimes with the ultimate consequence of losing our passion for pole. At EmbodiPole, every student’s authentic energy shines as they develop their own style and embrace the “imperfections” that make their movement special. Unless it’s related to safety, stylistic cues will always remain a suggestion (i.e. perfectly straight lines and pointed toes).

✖️ You’re looking for a “good workout”

Pole is undeniably a physical discipline, and our offerings will absolutely get you moving and build strength. However, our focus is not on the fitness aspect of pole dance, and it is only rarely that our classes include “typical” workout exercices. Fitness is simply a secondary benefit to what is our priority: embodiment. Our classes are designed with the intent to use pole dance and sensual movement as a way to express ourselves and to connect with our Authentic Erotic above all.

✖️ You don’t want to slow down

A lot of the time, our attention and thoughts are racing, getting ahead of themselves, and always jumping to what’s next. Slowing down both our attention and our movement allows us to re-sensitize. When we focus on the present moment, we become more aware of our emotions, energy levels, physical sensations, and thoughts. Sometimes, this practice can bring up deep-rooted or suppressed truths that may take a lot of courage to face. If you’re not ready or interested in exploring this type of work, that’s completely fine, but our space might not be the best fit for you.

✖️ You’re looking for single drop in classes

Commitment is one of our core values. By coming to progressive series, you’re committing to your own personal growth, and we’re committing to supporting you along the way. This journey requires dedication, practice, and integration. Engaging in progressive 4-8 week series cultivates ongoing development alongside a supportive community, fostering deeper connections. These sessions involve revisiting and practicing a culmination of skills and concepts learned over the course of many classes, giving students the opportunity to dive deeper and explore them thoroughly.

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Own Your Energy and become your most authentic erotic self through pole dance Ottawa and sensual movement

What is the Authentic Erotic and why is it important?

The Authentic Erotic is our Eros, our life force. It represents our truest, deepest and highest self. It is the part of us that holds our deepest desires and pleasures, as well as our most visceral wants and needs.

In our Authentic Erotic resides our divinity. Embodying the Authentic Erotic means stepping into our full power, living as our highest, most divine self. In this embodied state, our free flowing erotic energy leads us to uninhibited creativity, spontaneity, playfulness and inner freedom.

Despite the connotations surrounding “erotic,” the Authentic Erotic is not purely sexual. For some people, erotic energy and sexual energy overlap, but for others, they can be entirely separate. While sexual energy ignites our hunger for physical pleasure, erotic energy leads us to expand our consciousness, connecting with all four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and energetic.

The Authentic Erotic thrives when we are balanced in our feminine and masculine energies. However, in our hyper-masculine society, the imbalance between the masculine and the feminine, and the shame that is often imposed on feminine embodiment, can present as an obstacle to accessing the Authentic Erotic.

So how can we actually access the Authentic Erotic? The Authentic Erotic radiates outward from the hips/pelvis area. It’s no coincidence that we also tend to store a lot of our emotions in this area of the body. When we are not or cannot be fully aligned with our truest self, energy blockages form, and create tension.

Consequently, to access the Authentic Erotic, we must relax the mind and drop into the body, releasing energy blockages and allowing erotic energy to flow freely. Since it is through our bodies that we experience life, it is imperative to listen to the wisdom of our physical being and the signals it sends us.

At EmbodiPole Sensual Arts, we use sensual movement, breathwork and free flow to drop into our bodies. Through this practice, we seek to reclaim the feminine as a means of restoring balance and harmony in our lives, ultimately to be able to live fully aligned with our Authentic Erotic.

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Spring Clearing

Spring is springing early! In this time of renewal, resurgence, and re-energizing, set yourself up for postitive growth by starting with a clean slate. It’s time to clear out all that doesn’t serve you physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

This month, ask yourself : what do I need to let go of in order to make room for better things, both in my space and in my body?

As I reflect on this question myself, I came across a quote that particularly inspires me: “I release what no longer serves me to make room for growth.” This quote, written on the board of our new altar to the feminine at EmbodiPole, is a reminder for myself, and for anyone else who needs it, to take charge of your path in life. I am responsible for doing the work – for making positive changes to allow myself to live aligned with my Authentic Erotic. To me, this quote means,

  • Say what you have to say- get things off your chest that you’ve been holding onto;
  • Clear out stagnant energy by doing emotional release practices;
  • Reorganize your digital folders on your Google Drive and delete files that no are no longer relevant;
  • Clean and get rid of clutter in your living or work space;
  • Set healthy boundaries with yourself and others;
  • Clear out toxic people in your life or limit time with them.

These are all practices I’ve started implementing in my own life and will continue to do throughout the month of April.

When things are overly cluttered, literally and figuratively, clearing can definitely feel intimidating and overwhelming. That’s okay. That’s normal. If you’re anything like me, it feels like there’s so much to do and not enough time or energy to do it! But remember, even the smallest changes will have a big impact. Take it one step at a time, and all of those small changes will build up – will build on top of each other to create big and positive shifts in your life.

If you find yourself not knowing where or how to start, let your intuition guide you. Take a deep breath, centre yourself, and trust the wisdom that resides within. The more you can fill your life with what’s in alignment with your Authentic Erotic, the more you’ll be able to let go of what’s not.

Spring is a time for growth, transformation, and shedding what no longer serves us. Let’s embrace this change together, making room for abundance, joy, and authenticity in every aspect of our lives.

Join us on Friday, April 5th at 8:00pm, for Ritual for a CLOTHING SWAP! Bring all your old (or new) clothing items that you’re ready to part with and make room for new-to-you pieces that bring you joy.

Own your energy,

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Awaken Your Awareness

The concept of awareness is essential in our journeys to embrace and live as our Authentic Erotic selves. Awareness not just of ourselves but of our surroundings and their influence on us is a critical aspect of truly taking charge of our lives. This idea can be drawn back to the 18th century Age of Enlightenment: a period marked by philosophies that encouraged individuals to emerge from the “shadows” of authoritaian religious institutions in order to reclaim their own power and autonomy.

Even today, external factors such as religion, politics, societal norms and culture can shape our behaviours, our expectations, our motivations, our wants and needs, and even our personalities without us even knowing.

Ask yourself: Do I really want the job I have? Do I actually like the structure of my relationships? What are my values and why do I have them? How do I define happiness? What do I consider to be a priority in my life? Do I actually want the future that I currently envision for myself?

If we continue in a “dormant” state, unacknowledging of the external factors that are constantly acting on our ways of being, we risk never stepping into our full power. It’s comfortable and safe to be dormant, to be unaware. But change and growth can only happen in a space of discomfort, of uncertainty.

In the past two months, we invited you to Discover Your Desires and to Love Your Limits. This month, we’re calling you to Awaken Your Awareness.

What exactly is awareness? Awareness is the state of being conscious or cognizant of one’s surroundings, thoughts, feelings, sensations, and presence. In a broader sense, awareness can also refer to the ability to recognize and comprehend the relationship between oneself and the world around.

We can bring our awareness to our four bodies : physical, emotional, mental, and energetic.

  • Physical body : awareness of actions, patterns and of physical sensations such as pain, pleasure, discomfort, itching, tension, temperature, movement…
  • Emotional body : awareness of emotions and emotional responses, especially in relation to specifc circumstances.
  • Mental body : awareness of our thoughts, inner voice, logic and reasoning, goals, and expectations that we have for ourselves.
  • Energetic body : awareness of our energy levels, intuition, gut feelings, spiritual vibration and energy exchange.

When we become aware, when we activate our receptiveness to both internal and external signals, we can uncover deeper truths about ourselves. Awakening our awareness will clear a path for us to discover our desires and to love our limits.

For example, a pattern I experience is scrolling on Instagram first thing in the morning. I don’t like it, yet I can’t help myself. I ask myself, why do I do this? Examining this behaviour, I start to understand the purpose it’s serving in my life: it’s a distraction, a way of stalling facing the stress of work and school, a way of momentarily pretending that none of that exists. Aware of this pattern and of its purpose, I understand that I desire relief because I have pushed past my limits in these areas of my life. Consequentially, I can determine, in my full autonomy, how I want to adapt – what actions I want to take and what boundaries I want to set in order to achieve my desire.

Step into your full power as you Awaken Your Awareness. Take charge of your path in life. Align yourself with your true desires. Break free from what is holding you back. Live as your Authentic Erotic self.

Own your energy,


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Discover your desires through pole dance and sensual movement Ottawa Pole Fitness

Discover Your Desires

January is all about discovering your desires. After a hectic holiday season, it’s a time for reflection, rejuvenation and slowing down. To discover what you truly want, you need to embody it, all of it. Learning to use your intuition and listening to your body will bring you to where you need to be.

Last year has been particularly hard for me and I’m sure it was for many of you as well. The difficulties of managing my business while raising two littles and trying to be a good mother, all while having a lot of other life curveballs thrown my way. I had moments of identity crisis during the postpartum period and trying to handle it all myself. What I learned is that I am resilient and I learned a hell of a lot more because of it. Each experience was a teaching opportunity and a chance to integrate these lessons.

This month, we will be diving into our bodies and feeling whatever comes up, taking it all in and putting it into tangible goals to fulfill the life you want that is in alignment with your core essence, your life force energy, your Authentic Erotic. We’ll hone in on what really matters to you and see what actions you can take to further your life’s purpose. Coming into 2024, feel what served you last year and what didn’t. What do you want to bring in this year and what you need to let go of?

Our first Ritual, a monthly members-only event, is this Friday and will be all about Discovering Your Desires. We’ll be setting intentions for the year and figuring out exactly what you want out of life. You’ll learn to tap into your intuition to really feel what your body needs through breathwork, journaling and a sensual movement practice. We’ll turn these desires into actionable goals. This is a different approach to goal setting that I found works best!

May your new year be rich in play, pleasure and depth. And may your shadow be a thing of beauty.

Own Your Energy,

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heartbreak to healing: first embodiment journey through yoga

From Heartbreak to Healing: My First Embodiment Journey

My embodiment journey started almost 10 years ago. I grew up doing dance but I feel like I consciously started feeling into my body when I joined my first yoga teacher training (YTT) in July 2014. It was a full month-long intensive with no days off and we couldn’t miss a day otherwise we wouldn’t pass). The timing of the training couldn’t have been better. I had just broken up with my boyfriend at the time days before the training started and I was heartbroken, confused, lost and didn’t really know what I signed myself up for. Earlier that year, I knew I wanted to sign up for a YTT and registered for the first one I could find. The training was offered through Pure but I didn’t even know the teacher leading it (Louise Cameron) and it was hosted at her home studio. It was also an Ana Forrest-inspired yoga training. Little did I know it would have been a life changing experience.

In the mornings, we had our yoga practice in a hot room with a humidifier and sage burning. 2 weeks into the training I developed the worst sinus infection of my life. I remember I couldn’t chew food because it hurt so much to move my jaw and I definitely couldn’t go upside down (downward dog, handstands, etc.). I still had to go to the studio even though I was so sick and no one else got sick.

What I realized later, is that my body was expelling all this shit from that toxic relationship because this was the first time I allowed myself to dive into my body and feel my emotions. It now makes sense that it has unfolded in this way to create room for healing. The journey of starting to feel past the superficial layer is not a pretty one. I had a lot more work to do on myself but this was a good first step. We grow a little each day.

Side note: one more thing I found interesting was when I was with that partner for almost 2 years, I’d often get UTIs (every few months or so) and I haven’t had one since I left him. What does that tell you!?

The body is magical and we have to listen to it to hear its wisdom. We are often stuck in the mind/logical/head up approach and by sinking into our bodies, that’s where the real magic happens.

Own Your Energy,
Karolyne xo

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Owning My Energy– REBRANDING!

I have a big announcement to share! As we wrap up this 2023, our theme this month is Own Your Energy. We bring in all the themes from the year and tie it together in a nice bow tie and hang it on the Christmas tree. We started having themes in March so here’s a recap:

March Wild & Free When we treat our sensuality as something wild and free, we learn to approach our desires with curiosity instead of judgment.
April Seven Deadly Sins The societal expectations and constraints placed on us unravel the toll of conforming to traditional virtues.
May Indulge Your Senses Each sense offers a different avenue to rich and meaningful experiences.
June Curiously Ignited The depths of untapped potential within ourselves ignites constant growth, exploration, and understanding.
July Playfully Provocative It is about embracing your unique beauty and radiating confidence.
August Conscious Desire Arising from the core of our being and guiding us towards meaningful connections and self-fulfillment.
September Make Some Noise It’s time for us to recognize our worth and make our voices heard.
October Shadows Unveiled Integrate your “shadow,” which may consist of repressed emotions, unresolved traumas, and aspects of yourself that you may not want to acknowledge.
November Erotic Freedom Encompasses the idea of being sexually liberated, of understanding that sex is not merely a biological function for reproduction. It’s a fundamental part of the human experience.

December Own Your Energy

14 years into my pole journey and 7 years into business brought me into a new direction through embodying my erotic energy, and hence the big news, Iron X Fitness is changing its name to EmbodiPole!

Iron X Fitness began as a reflection of my former self– a trickster in love with the Iron X move. I strived to become the strongest version of myself.

My journey has evolved since then. As time grew on, I started to realize I wanted more from pole than just doing high level tricks. Being in that mode of always wanting to achieve more, more, and more wasn’t as fulfilling as I’d hoped and came from a place of never feeling good enough. Embracing self-acceptance, I appreciate slowing down, connecting with my erotic energy, and the present moment through pole and sensual arts. This transformation is my vision for the studio. With this big change, I am following my intuition and owning my energy.

Owning your energy means having control over your emotions, thoughts, and actions; taking ownership of how you express yourself. It is having an awareness of the power within. It means embracing, understanding, and learning from every experience. Using pole and sensual arts as a tool to help you transform into your most authentic erotic self.

Own Your Energy,


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erotic freedom Iron X Fitness pole dance classes Ottawa

Claiming Erotic Freedom

I decided on this theme in early 2023. I knew it was time to step out of my comfort zone and engage in an unfiltered conversation about sex. Now that the time has come, I have a lot of fear and shame around openly talking about sexuality, as I’m sure many of us have. The idea of postponing this theme until I felt ready seemed like a tempting escape but I’ll never be ready if I don’t accept the fear and move through it.

So, here we are, on the cusp of an exploration into what I term “erotic freedom.” For me, erotic freedom encompasses the idea of being sexually liberated, of understanding that sex is not merely a biological function for reproduction. It’s a fundamental part of the human experience, and it shapes our identities in profound ways. To unlock our most authentic erotic selves, we must first acknowledge this facet of our existence.

Now, let me be clear – when I speak of erotic freedom, I’m not advocating promiscuity with every passing person. Instead, it’s about cultivating conscious and meaningful connections, within oneself or with your partner/s. It’s not a subject we often discuss, even with the people we’re having it with!

The barriers to embracing erotic freedom are substantial, rooted in the fact that sexuality is repressed in many cultures. Getting rid of shame around sexuality is extremely hard to do. As a society, we are so disconnected from our own sexuality and our bodies. Our sexual education is very limited, mostly revolving around reproduction and hetero men’s pleasure –penis in vagina (PiV) penetration. Our society via the madonna/whore complex, and what’s shown in porn, tv and movies have supported this belief. I never learned about non-hetero sex until having my own explorations. Many religions don’t accept sex for pleasure. It’s not uncommon for women to have never experienced an orgasm, as their pleasure has often been dismissed or overlooked. The clitoris wasn’t even shown in textbooks until recently. Even the language surrounding sex, like the term “foreplay,” implies that it’s a mere precursor to the “main event” of PiV penetration. In addition to that, it’s usually over once the man ejaculates.

The presence of trauma around sexuality further complicates our relationship with this subject, leading to a host of barriers and taboos. The path to erotic freedom may not be a straightforward one. It might involve challenging conversations, personal healing, and unearthing buried emotions. It’s a path that requires resilience, vulnerability, and a willingness to explore uncharted territories within ourselves.

My goal is to emphasize the significance of addressing this vital subject, one that cannot be ignored or swept under the rug. Through our collective journey towards erotic freedom, we discover pathways to healing and embracing our eroticism. Developing a self-pleasure practice that incorporates breathwork as a means to reconnect with our own bodies and desires is so very important. Breathwork can be a powerful tool for enhancing our awareness of the present moment and deepening our connection with our most authentic erotic selves.

Our journey towards claiming erotic freedom is not just a personal exploration but a collective endeavor to challenge the norms and limitations that have constrained our understanding of sexuality. It’s a path that demands courage and authenticity, where fear and shame must be faced head-on. It’s about redefining what sexual liberation truly means to us, and embracing the full spectrum of human sensuality.

Own your energy,


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