Awaken Your Awareness

The concept of awareness is essential in our journeys to embrace and live as our Authentic Erotic selves. Awareness not just of ourselves but of our surroundings and their influence on us is a critical aspect of truly taking charge of our lives. This idea can be drawn back to the 18th century Age of Enlightenment: a period marked by philosophies that encouraged individuals to emerge from the “shadows” of authoritaian religious institutions in order to reclaim their own power and autonomy.

Even today, external factors such as religion, politics, societal norms and culture can shape our behaviours, our expectations, our motivations, our wants and needs, and even our personalities without us even knowing.

Ask yourself: Do I really want the job I have? Do I actually like the structure of my relationships? What are my values and why do I have them? How do I define happiness? What do I consider to be a priority in my life? Do I actually want the future that I currently envision for myself?

If we continue in a “dormant” state, unacknowledging of the external factors that are constantly acting on our ways of being, we risk never stepping into our full power. It’s comfortable and safe to be dormant, to be unaware. But change and growth can only happen in a space of discomfort, of uncertainty.

In the past two months, we invited you to Discover Your Desires and to Love Your Limits. This month, we’re calling you to Awaken Your Awareness.

What exactly is awareness? Awareness is the state of being conscious or cognizant of one’s surroundings, thoughts, feelings, sensations, and presence. In a broader sense, awareness can also refer to the ability to recognize and comprehend the relationship between oneself and the world around.

We can bring our awareness to our four bodies : physical, emotional, mental, and energetic.

  • Physical body : awareness of actions, patterns and of physical sensations such as pain, pleasure, discomfort, itching, tension, temperature, movement…
  • Emotional body : awareness of emotions and emotional responses, especially in relation to specifc circumstances.
  • Mental body : awareness of our thoughts, inner voice, logic and reasoning, goals, and expectations that we have for ourselves.
  • Energetic body : awareness of our energy levels, intuition, gut feelings, spiritual vibration and energy exchange.

When we become aware, when we activate our receptiveness to both internal and external signals, we can uncover deeper truths about ourselves. Awakening our awareness will clear a path for us to discover our desires and to love our limits.

For example, a pattern I experience is scrolling on Instagram first thing in the morning. I don’t like it, yet I can’t help myself. I ask myself, why do I do this? Examining this behaviour, I start to understand the purpose it’s serving in my life: it’s a distraction, a way of stalling facing the stress of work and school, a way of momentarily pretending that none of that exists. Aware of this pattern and of its purpose, I understand that I desire relief because I have pushed past my limits in these areas of my life. Consequentially, I can determine, in my full autonomy, how I want to adapt – what actions I want to take and what boundaries I want to set in order to achieve my desire.

Step into your full power as you Awaken Your Awareness. Take charge of your path in life. Align yourself with your true desires. Break free from what is holding you back. Live as your Authentic Erotic self.

Own your energy,