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Hot girl summer is over. Thotumn is upon us.

As October casts its spell, the trees start to change their colours, the first prickles of the cool air can be felt, and a thin layer of pumpkin spice seasoning dusts the counters of all our favourite coffee shops. You’re wearing your favourite sweater all of the time. Warm soups sound delicious. It’s getting darker earlier. Your allergies are annoying. This transformation is happening right in front of your eyes, as it does year after year. Yet every year, it’s still a special kind of magic.

The entire month also echoes the spirit of Halloween- and we don’t mean the pop-up costume shops. Some say that the veil between our realm and the spirit realm is thinnest on Halloween, or Samhain. So thin, in fact, that the spirits can walk among us for the night. As we get closer to this moment of intensely focused energy, we want to remind you that the magic you’re seeing all around you is also in you.

This is your witching hour, too. Go feral this Fall. Be unapologetic. Witch, please. Bikini bodies be damned. Get in touch with your dark side in a world that teaches us to be afraid of the dark. Use the word “witch” to describe the parts of yourself that have been called taboo or unacceptable. Know that you are cyclical and enchanting and frightening in all the right ways. Do something naughty this month just because you can… even if it’s something as small as stealing a few of your kid’s best Halloween candies.

Looking to your pole dance journey, dance like a freak this month. Be scary and ugly and abrupt in your movements. Be sexual and don’t say sorry for it. Play with clothing and costumes to add flair to your dance routines. Channel characters and creatures in your movements that don’t usually show up to studio. Maybe they’re good creatures… maybe they’re not.


This is not a trick! We have a special treat for you this month – make Halloween more fun with these ghoulish grooves we’ve put together for the IXF Halloween Playlist.


Reading is fundamental! But alas, the IXF Book Club is a bit like our Lyrical Pole class: We all seem to love the idea in theory, but not in practice. We still encourage you to read as much as you possibly can! Don’t hesitate to ask your coaches what their favourite books are too; we’re all big readers and probably have a good suggestion for you!

In case you didn’t know: There is a small library of relevant reads in the recharge station here at the studio if you’re ever looking for a new title to pick up!