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5 steps to fulfill your desires

Uncovering our truest and deepest desires is an important step towards living as our Authentic Erotic selves. Here are 5 steps you can take to fulfill your desires :

💜 1. List your goals and ask yourself why you have these goals.

Our desires tend to live in the “why” behind our goals and resolutions. Looking beyond the superficial and into the reasoning will help you identify your true desires.

💜 2. Identify the barriers that are preventing you from fulfilling your desires.

Examine the elements of your current life that are holding you back or slowing you down. Look both in others and in yourself. Look in the bad and in the good. Being aware of these barriers will help you decide how to move forward.

💜 3. Evaluate the changes you need to make to eliminate those barriers.

Determine a plan of action that will remove the barriers from your life, and allow you to pursue your desires. Create a list of small, easy changes that you can make without taking too much energy or effort, and name at least one big, scary change.

💜 4. Determine a timeframe.

Set due dates and milestones for the changes you want to make, and determine a re-evaluation date. The re-evaluation date will mark the end of the timeframe, and will serve as a moment for you to reflect once again on your desires. As we evolve, our desires will as well. It is therefore important that the process of fulfilling our desires be dynamic and account for change.

💜 5. Trust your intuition and implement changes.

Now that you have named the actions you need to take and determined the timeframe of these actions, start implementing them! Remember that change is scary, but it is also a key part of our lives. Trust the changes you want and need to make to live as your Authentic Erotic self ✨