wild and free March 2023 theme for Iron X Fitness

What Does it Mean to be Wild & Free? A Look Through an Erotic Lens

We often think of the erotic as intertwined with sexuality. The word “erotic” is derived from the ancient Greek word Eros, which concerns desires. It’s really about discovering the depths of who you are at your core and connecting with your joy and desires without fear or judgment. It’s your creative life force– the foundation on which you exist.

Wild and Free often conjures images of wilderness, natural and untouched by humans. It evokes chaos- living, breathing, and flaunting itself to spite order. It inspires a loud and haphazard rejection of societal conventions and expectations. It defies inhibition and screams “liberation” with all its joyful, animalistic might.

If we look closely, we’ll find that many of our desires are not authentic to us. The ideas and expectations that we think will make us happy– such as striving for an abundance of money, a prestigious job position, owning a home, and having children – have come from conditioning and shadow or trauma. This can cause us to feel a lack of purpose and disconnect in our lives, relationships, work, and self-perception.

How do you explore your erotic energy?

  • Make a list of all your desires in your journal: How can you give space and attention to them? What are you not letting yourself do? How have you been conditioned or repressed when it comes to your joie de vivre?
  • Express yourself through movement: pole dancing offers us a unique way to express ourselves in an intimate manner that transcends language or rational thought. It’s fulfilling on both a physical and emotional level. It allows us to tap into a state of pure presence where everything else falls away. This sense of freedom can carry over into other areas of our lives, including intimacy, relationships, creativity, and how we approach the world around us.

When we treat our sensuality as something wild and free, we learn to approach our desires with curiosity instead of judgment. We revel in exploration and reject shame. We recognize our bodies as beautiful, natural reflections of the world around us. We stop drowning in the performance of sensuality and are free to accept pleasure as it comes.

Accept yourself fully – all of your strengths, flaws, and desires. This journey of self-love and awareness allows you to open yourself up to the possibility of genuine transformation. Acceptance breaks the restraints of our shadows and unshackles us from our fears. When we accept our own unique capacity to feel, we become more deeply connected to ourselves and to those around us.

Own Your Energy and live joyfully- live wild and free.