Romance Yourself this February

Oh, February – there’s love in the air! And the Respiratory Syncytial Virus that’s been going around. But love, too.

Between the candygrams and overpriced lingerie and bunches of red roses being sold beside the gas stations, this month we want to encourage you to focus on how you’re feeling love and showing love in the different areas of your life … especially when it comes to loving you.

Relationships are hard- trust us, we know! They take work. We don’t always know what to say or when to say it. Our lives are busy. Fostering connections with the people we want to keep close in our lives requires time, effort, and care. A healthy dose of pleasure, curiosity, and commitment to growth are all necessary components in any rewarding relationship. We put a lot of thought into connecting with others … but what about you? Our relationship with ourselves is no different.

What if you took yourself on a date this month? You aren’t required to be in a relationship to live your life. Explore the things that interest you without waiting for someone to let you — practice self care, build furniture, go to the cinema or the mall or the museum dressed up to the nines in your most clickety high heels. Eat chocolate. Eat more. You can even send roses to yourself on Valentine’s day, we won’t snitch. Cliché as it sounds, we hope that you romance yourself this month. Light the candles, buy yourself some flowers, and show your own body some love … through dance or- *ahem*- other means. You deserve it.

Let’s talk about your pole dance journey too … pole dance is a form of self care. We are so proud of you every time you step through that front door, and we hope that you’re proud of yourselves, too. Pole dancing is not just about looking sexy or showing off your strength. It’s also about connecting with yourself and exploring the possibilities that come with movement. Dance is a way to strengthen your mind-body connection, teaching you to be aware of how each part of your body. And sure, you’re also building up some great muscle tone, coordination, and balancing skills all while looking hot doing it. With every new move comes a newfound feeling of accomplishment and pride … and we’d be surprised if those feelings didn’t carry over into other aspects of your life, too.

This February, enjoy a moment of clarity around who you are and take this chance to lean into enjoying your own company. Love yourself fully. If you get invited on a date that you’re not 100% excited about … tell them “I have to water my cat” or whatever and don’t go. In your movements … focus on you. Touch you.