heartbreak to healing: first embodiment journey through yoga

From Heartbreak to Healing: My First Embodiment Journey

My embodiment journey started almost 10 years ago. I grew up doing dance but I feel like I consciously started feeling into my body when I joined my first yoga teacher training (YTT) in July 2014. It was a full month-long intensive with no days off and we couldn’t miss a day otherwise we wouldn’t pass). The timing of the training couldn’t have been better. I had just broken up with my boyfriend at the time days before the training started and I was heartbroken, confused, lost and didn’t really know what I signed myself up for. Earlier that year, I knew I wanted to sign up for a YTT and registered for the first one I could find. The training was offered through Pure but I didn’t even know the teacher leading it (Louise Cameron) and it was hosted at her home studio. It was also an Ana Forrest-inspired yoga training. Little did I know it would have been a life changing experience.

In the mornings, we had our yoga practice in a hot room with a humidifier and sage burning. 2 weeks into the training I developed the worst sinus infection of my life. I remember I couldn’t chew food because it hurt so much to move my jaw and I definitely couldn’t go upside down (downward dog, handstands, etc.). I still had to go to the studio even though I was so sick and no one else got sick.

What I realized later, is that my body was expelling all this shit from that toxic relationship because this was the first time I allowed myself to dive into my body and feel my emotions. It now makes sense that it has unfolded in this way to create room for healing. The journey of starting to feel past the superficial layer is not a pretty one. I had a lot more work to do on myself but this was a good first step. We grow a little each day.

Side note: one more thing I found interesting was when I was with that partner for almost 2 years, I’d often get UTIs (every few months or so) and I haven’t had one since I left him. What does that tell you!?

The body is magical and we have to listen to it to hear its wisdom. We are often stuck in the mind/logical/head up approach and by sinking into our bodies, that’s where the real magic happens.

Own Your Energy,
Karolyne xo