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Embodied Expression

You are the creator of your reality, with the power to determine your destiny and pave your path in life. Deep down, your Authentic Erotic knows exactly who you are and never fails you. Let it guide you as you create a reality where you can fully express yourself without shame, guilt, fear, or anything else holding you back.

This month, our theme is Embodied Expression. Explore self-expression in its deepest form, dive into what it means and feels like for you, and learn to fully embody every aspect of your Authentic Erotic. As you begin this journey of Embodied Expression, start to pay closer attention to the following elements:

Language: Your voice is powerful and an energetic force that shapes your reality. How you express yourself sends ripples of energy into the universe. Constantly gossiping, bitching, venting, and speaking negatively makes you see only the shadows in life and can harm your well-being and relationships. It’s not an easy cycle to break but a first step to take is to notice how you express yourself with others. Saying things like “I’m such an idiot” doesn’t help you align with your Authentic Erotic. Instead, it reinforces negative self-perceptions and blocks your true potential. Speak to yourself with compassion and respect. Reframe self-criticism with affirmations like, “I am learning and growing.” Remember, your words have power. Use them to uplift yourself and stay connected to your true, authentic essence.

Creativity: Your creative endeavours, especially pole dancing, are a reflection of your Authentic Erotic, igniting a powerful source of liberated erotic energy within us. Pole dancing, in particular, offers a unique fusion of physical movement, artistic expression, and spiritual connection, serving as a powerful tool for self-expression.

Spiritual: Depending on your beliefs, practices, and experiences. It may involve prayer, meditation, ritual, or connecting with nature. Connect with deeper emotions and insights. Ultimately, spiritual expression is deeply personal and unique to each individual, serving as a means of connecting with the divine, feeling grounded and exploring the mysteries of existence.

Embodying the Authentic Erotic will not only transform your life on a personal level, but will also bring positive change into your life from the outside. Your authenticity will draw and magnetize the right people towards you – the people who celebrate you for all you are, the people who resonate with you spiritually, the people who will support you fully, the people who want to know every part of you, even the unpalatable ones.

Reflect on this:

  • What is a way you’d like to express yourself, but feel shame about?
  • What prevents you from expressing your Authentic Erotic?

Join us this month in this journey of Embodied Expression. Explore your Authentic Erotic at Ritual on Friday June 7th, and let your creativity and intuition shine in the variety of workshops coming to EmbodiPole this month. You don’t want to miss them!