Our Conscious Desires

Conscious Desireconscious. To understand our desires, and not the masks they wear, and to know why we have them, is to be empowered. Do you want more affection, or do you just want the feeling of security? Do you want a snack, or do you just want the dopamine hit? Do you really want to go out to that party, or are you just lonely? Conscious desire is the pulsating heartbeat of our most authentic selves, fueling the flames of passion and self-awareness. It is the profound awareness and acknowledgment of our deepest longings, rooted in the realms of pleasure, embodiment, and self-growth. Unlike fleeting whims, conscious desire arises from the core of our being, guiding us towards meaningful connections and self-fulfillment. It is the unwavering compass on our journey of self-discovery, encouraging us to meet our own needs with love and acceptance. Through conscious desire, we unlock the doors to our sensual awakening, savoring the richness of every sensation and embracing the intricacies of our emotional landscape. Embracing our conscious desires is an act of empowerment, a declaration of self-love, and a stepping stone towards embracing the fullness of our existence.

Consciously expressing your desire is also a process. Often, we don’t see how our desires come out in our decisions, our actions, our day-to-day life… The reasoning is roundabout and subtle. A small choice that might seem trivial could be tied to a big desire or fear we have at our core.

There are times when we desire things that aren’t good for us. We need to find the desire under the desire– dig deep and discover what it is we really want, instead of what we think we want.

Desires- like all drives and emotions- are inherently neutral. They have no moral value. It’s how we choose to express them, and how much work we put into understanding them, that matters.

What do you desire most? What masks do your desires wear? Where are those desires coming from? Is it from a fear of lacking something you need, or a craving for more? What is enough? What is not enough? What are you able to fulfill for yourself, and what do you need help from your community fulfilling?

What happens when we take time to deliberately feed our desires? What happens when we spend intentional time sitting with them, bathing in them, exploring them? When do we choose to give into them? When do we choose not to? Are our desires causing us to act in ways that are harmful to others? Are they causing us to act in ways that are harmful to ourselves? All desires are valid, but not every way of pursuing those desires is heathy.

There are countless ways to experience mindful desire. From the first sparks of discovery, to naming them, to expressing them, knowledge is power.

Take the time to express your desires and their motivations in your movement or dance practice. Fast, sharp movements imply urgency, power, and aggression, where slower, reaching movements suggest longing, aching, and emotion. Do you find yourself reaching above yourself or below? Are you reaching out into the space, or pulling in towards yourself?

Own Your Energy.

Within each of us lies a profound force that can shape the course of our lives – conscious desire. This innate ability to envision our deepest aspirations, and manifest them into reality, holds the key to unlocking a world of infinite possibilities.

Discover the art of setting clear intentions, aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions, and embracing the boundless energy that arises when your desires are rooted in mindfulness. Learn to overcome self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and past traumas that may have hindered your progress in the past. Cultivate unwavering faith in your ability to create a life of purpose and abundance.