Own Your Energy

We’re calling you higher. This is our personal invite for you to step into your highest self.

Immerse yourself in the depths of your creative spirit and rediscover the art of play as you tap into your erotic energy. Pole dancing is a transformative tool for cultivating feminine embodiment and profound self-connection.

Within this sacred space, you’re encouraged to connect with your innermost feelings and express them through sensual movement, embracing your Authentic Erotic.

Own Your Energy and become your most authentic erotic self through pole dance Ottawa and sensual movement
How do I join my first class?

Ready to own your energy?

Join our signature Sensual Synergy: 4 Week Pole Starter Experience!

In this beginner class, we introduce the Authentic Erotic and fundamental pole skills, incorporating them with breathwork, free dance, and sensory exploration. Allow the pole to guide you and immerse yourself in a fully embodied experience to channel your Eros: your life force energy.

Core Values


Celebrate the beauty of your unique essence as we uplift, support and empower one another, fostering a sense of shared triumph and joy. 


Explore the intuitive blend of play, pleasure, and passion. We prioritize authenticity, imperfection, and genuine expression, allowing you to ignite your inner desires.


Cultivate a deeper connection with your body and soul. Embody your sensual energy and unlock the depths of your desires to embrace your most authentic, erotic self.


Discover your true power. We are devoted to supporting you and provide you with tools and guidance you need to stay accountable to your erotic journey. 

pole dance
movement arts

emotional release

pleasure & sensuality

Hear What Members Are Saying

I have spent the past year trying to find my authentic self. I have never been an athletic or well coordinated person…and many early attempts in childhood often ended up in failure and embarrassment so I gave up. This past year something changed and I felt this sudden need to move my body more. I started pole classes at EmbodiPole and found myself truly enjoying the experience of just being in my body. I have come to accept that maybe it isn’t about looking good or competent so much as how it makes me feel. Perhaps part of being authentic is accepting I probably won’t be the most impressive or flexible but it feels good to try and focus on what I can do.” Angie

“Pole is my method of not only physical but mental and emotional self-care. I use it as a tool to work through my depression. It provides a space where I can come and live in the moment. I can also show my creative side! I am a survivor of intimate partner violence and pole dancing has definitely helped me work through past trauma. Being in the studio gives me a sense of freedom as I’m going through different movements and provides a sense of control that helps me through my healing process.” –Cass